Whether you are going through a career change, marriage, divorce, retirement, or loss of a loved one, we aim to help you take control of your financial future and guide you through your unique investment challenges. Our team is there to help guide you through the challenges you may face during these transition periods, no matter how overwhelming your situation may seem.

We understand how difficult this time may be, and know that we are here for you. Berner Financial Services will regularly post on social media to keep you updated. If you haven’t connected with us yet, please click the icons above. No one knows when all of this will end, but this too shall pass.

Until then, stay safe and feel free to call me at 845-256-1950.

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What Matters Most

We can help take the mystery out of preparing for today and tomorrow. Whether you are investing to build wealth, protect your family, or preserve your assets, our personalized service focuses on your needs, wants, and long-term goals.

Whether you're facing retirement – or looking to better understand certain investment ideas – we can help you address your most-pressing financial questions.

Where You Are

Where You Are

We create financial strategies tailored to your goals.

Where You Want To Be

Where You Want To Be

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through life's transitions.

How You Get There

How You Get There

We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day.

Still Unsure? We Can Help.

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